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At Shine Bright Workshops, we are passionate about sharing the wisdom and teachings of creating a more mindful, peaceful and stress-free way of living.

In today's world it is becoming more and more difficult to disconnect from the busyness of life and "just be."

At Shine Bright Workshops we introduce yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and creative expression through interactive mini sessions to promote physical and emotional awareness, mindfulness and creativity.

We introduce these in bite-size steps so they can be incorporated easily into your everyday life.

What we teach...

We teach breathing techniques that can be used to manage anxiety and create inner peace. Our breath controls our nervous system and heart rate. Learning how to use the breath properly is a technique that you can use for your lifetime.

We introduce beginning foundational yoga poses that are also beneficial to calming feelings of anxiousness as well as stretching the body, harnessing patience, self soothing and staying in the present moment through mind, body connection.

We teach Meditation for all levels. The practice of mindfulness is based on present awareness. Scientific research shows that meditation actually CHANGES the brain, increasing gray matter (peace) and DECREASING noise, anxiety and fear.

And we introduce so many more techniques and topics on how to stay connected to your inner guidance through writing and creativity.

Where we teach...

Shine Bright Workshops hosts workshops for adults and children.

We present to school staff to introduce how to bring mindfulness into the classroom

We present in the classroom to children on bite size steps to decrease anxiety, fear and stress and promote calmness, self confidence, empowerment, kindness and compassion.

Please contact us for inquiries.