Terms and Conditions

Upon booking, I agree to these terms and conditions:
I understand that yoga includes physical movements, as well as relaxation. Shine Bright yoga involves partner and group poses, as well as yoga games, and as is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury cannot be entirely eliminated.

Yoga is not recommended under certain medical conditions. I agree that I alone take responsibility to decide whether my attending family members  are fit to practice yoga. I also understand that supportive and encouraging touch, and group interaction is an integral part of this workshop.

I therefore agree to waive any claims that I, or other family members attending, may have hereafter against Shine Bright Workshops with regard to the above.

Shine Bright Workshops reserve the right to cancel workshops. Should such a situation arise, we will do everything within our power to notify you promptly with minimum inconvenience and refund you fully.

Please arrive 5-10 mins early, so we can get your child settled in and start on time.
Please have attendees wear comfortable clothes – leggings for girls are ideal, not skirts.
We recommend drinking plenty of water before and after the workshop. It is recommended to eat a light lunch or snack priot to dropoff.
Due to the many allergies there are, we will not allow food at Children's workshops. Kids are welcome to bring a water bottle or juice to drink during the workshop.

We intend to take some photos during the workshop, which we may then include on our website. Please let us know in advance if you do not wish your family to be in any photos. Otherwise we will assume that you are OK with it.