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Our Approach

We believe in cultivating inner and outer peace for all ages. In a busy world, every person should have the tools to connect with their inner selves. As adults, it's not uncommon to lose yourself somewhere along your path. It's never too late to quiet your mind, reconnect to your true essence and start enjoying a life of peace and purpose.


Healing Circle

Teaching Mindfulness to Kids 

We are passionate about introducing tools to children so they can learn to harness their intuition, self esteem, compassion and positive energy as they find their way in the world.

About Us

We came together with one common interest in mind. We all want to share our knowledge and message with as many people, of all ages, that we can reach. Each of us brings something different to the table, but we all connect with one common goal... To Cultivate Inner and Outer Peace for all ages.

Christine Chastanet

Christine Hajar-Chastanet
I offer reiki, private yoga sessions, mindfulness and intuitive coaching sessions for all ages. I am a mother of 4 little ones, a wife, an artist, a traveler, music lover, yogi, entrepreneur. I am passionate about sharing with children, the tools of breath work, yoga, and meditation through art so they can learn to harness their confidence and magic in a very busy world. I have been studying energy healing for as longs as  I can remember. I am a reiki master and certified yoga instructor, including kids yoga.  All of my coaching and energy work revolves around positive mindset and core connection through the chakras. I truly believe, based on my own life experiences, that ANYTHING is possible and any situation can be changed. When you change your life, your life WILL change. Nothing is impossible! Contact: christine[at]soulfire-living.com. www.soulfire-living.com


Jane Mollo Singh

A lifelong coach and athlete Jane has always been involved in learning about and promoting wellness. Jane earned her certification as a health coach through Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011 and is also a meditation guide certified through Boston Buddha Meditation for Everyone™ since 2015.
Every body is different and there are countless ways to enhance wellness within through nutrition, thought, and body work.
The desire to share this knowledge with others and connect and promote those that do wellness work within our community led Jane to create and organize the Norwood Community Wellness Fair in 2014 and 2016.
 Jane lives with her husband and two children.  Motherhood was the spark that ignited the flame to learn more about healing bodies naturally when possible.  Her family takes an east meets west approach to health with a dash of chocolate! Contact Jane at janemollosingh[at]gmail.com

Masters in Ed. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Marie Seery, M.Ed., has a passion for inspiring young children to read, write and journal their own ideas and thoughts. Her training and experience as an educator for the city of Boston, coupled with her holistic approach to nutrition and well being, allows her to guide and mentor children and their families to make needed changes in their health and wellness.
For more information about Marie Seery join her followers on her Facebook page: Nurture Wellness With Marie
Visit her website. www.NurtureWellnessWithMarie.com


Soni Sayana
A Network Engineer with a bachelors degree from RIT, Rochester, NY and masters from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Worked for over 17 years in IT with Fidelity Investments and retired from corporate in 2012. Raja Yoga meditation student since 2011 and provide meditation services to the Westwood and Norwood communities. Mother of two middle school boys in Westwood who also practice Raja Yoga meditation. Contact:sonisayana[at]gmail.com


Yogi Lorella (Yogi Gi Gi to my kids)
I have an enormous passion to help other be the healthiest they can be.  I live this every day. Growing up in an Italian immigrant home, eating was a big deal.  I struggled in my adolescent years with poor body image, too much food , not enough movement.  Through my yoga practice I am learning that through the power of the mind - the body can accomplish anything.  I started teaching Aerobics classes at age 20.  I was very shy and teaching brought me out of my shell.  I went to college to study Psychology and Sociology.  The human mind and how we interact with each other always fascinated me.  Through yoga and meditation I found a way to express myself and feel free and strong.  At some point my focus shifted more to connect with God through my practice. Contact me: lesavagerbizzy@yahoo.com www.fitforneighbors.weebly.com